Frankie Guillen

“Before starting to workout at IB Fitness this past November I had not worked out for about 6 years.  Before that I was a stay at home mom and worked out regularly in the mornings while my kids were at school.  I worked out at IB Fitness and ran the streets of IB.  However, after going back to work I found it hard to find time to workout.  Now after gaining 40 pounds I have made time to take care of myself and workout four nights a week.  I love going to the classes here!   I go to kickboxing twice a week and do Foundations and Afterburn on the other two nights.  The classes are fun and the trainers push me way harder than I would ever push myself.  I have also changed my eating habits and have lost 30 pounds so far.  I plan to keep eating healthy and working out and hopefully continue to lose weight.  I don’t have a goal weight in mind…  I just want to be healthy and comfortable.  I feel so much stronger now and moving around is much easier.  I would and do recommend this gym to everyone.  It’s clean, lots of equipment and classes, and it has that small town feel where everyone know and supports one another.”

-Frankie Guillen

June 2017

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