We all hear all kinds of information about health and fitness, but the issue is that some of it is just plain WRONG!

In today’s age of technology such as Google and Youtube, as well as other informative websites, there is no excuse to have misinformation.


People today still believe old Myths such as:
1. MYTH 1: “Muscle turns to Fat when you don’t use it” Impossible!!! Like water into wine…NOPE! Muscle will atrophy when Muscular Demand diminishes therefore making the fat more visually prevalent. People then think muscle turns to fat because they stopped working out and stopped seeing their gains. But with Muscle memory, the gains will come back quickly once the workout resumes.

2. MYTH 2: “A pound of Muscle weighs more than a pound of Fat” …What weighs more? A pound of Feathers or a pound of Rocks? A pound of anything weighs a pound! Muscle tissue is more dense than fat tissue which is the real reality.

3. MYTH 3: “Want to lose weight? Eliminate Fats and Carbs, and only eat Protein” NO!!!!  You can get Protein Poisoning if you only consume protein for long periods of time. Protein’s ONLY main function is to repair Muscle and Bone tissue, not for energy conversion. Fats and Carbs are the fuel like Gasoline to your car. Protein is like the Oil to your car. You wouldn’t put Oil in your Gas tank, would you?! Portion control of Food is the real secret to losing weight along with an active, consistent lifestyle of fitness. Eat healthy Fats and Carbs to maintain lasting energy with adequate portions. Fats and Carbs are a necessity for energy conversion so you cannot deprive your body by doing a dangerous “starvation diet” to lose weight.


Other Facts to Feed the Brain:

1. There are 3500 calories to 1 pound of fat, so you need to burn 3500 to lose 1 pound. Want to lose 10lbs? Burn 35,000 calories and BAM! Success!

2. After 4 Days of inactivity, the body will naturally atrophy its muscle tissue from lack of demand, so don’t be a couch potato for 4 days or more or you will lose your muscle gains and hate yourself in the morning.

3. After age 30, the body will naturally atrophy (slow down) 1% per year EVERY year in regards to; Muscle growth, Metabolism, Libido (sex drive), Testosterone and Estrogen levels, Cellular Regeneration, etc. Example: Person age 45 already lost 15%. This is why people complain they are not the same from when in their 20s’ or 30’s when they are in their 40s’ and 50’s and up… Reality sucks! FITNESS IS THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH and for LONGEVITY OF LIFE!

4. And lastly, the Body is an amazing Machine!! It self heals itself from injuries, and literally replicates/clones every part of the human body from skin cells, to muscle tissue, to organs, to bones, to blood, to your brain, to everything! The body through cellular regeneration rebuilds EVERY cell and builds a whole new YOU within 1 year, every year! Skin cells and blood cells for example, die and rebuild daily; organs, muscles and bones self replicate within months.

SO…Treat your Body with RESPECT!  It truly is your Temple.

In closing, DO the lifestyle habits to live healthy with longevity of Life. ie. Stay active, workout, eat healthy, feed your brain with knowledge, etc. DONT do the habits to DIE faster! ie. Cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, eating junk and processed foods, doing drugs, etc.

What you do today affects your future self in a constant ripple effect. What would your future self look like in 10 years from your actions today?  Would you look healthy and in shape with a pain-free life?  Or, look like hell from smoking, drinking and eating like crap the last 10 years? Pick option 1 please!!

Thanks for Reading! More knowledge coming next! Stay tuned and check back for more!

From my good friend, Mr. Spock…”LIVE LONG AND PROSPER”

By John DuZa

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